7 Easy Ways to be a Little Bit Healthier

Health isn’t just about your fitness level or weight, but also your mental and emotional well being. We all have a lot going on in our lives but here are a few easy ways to be a little bit healthier.


1. Drink more water
Water is so good for you plus it’s the one thing that is truly calorie free so you can drink as much as you want! Replace your juice and soda for water. There is so much sugar in soda and juice plus you save yourself a few hundred calories as well. Even just switching out a couple soda’s a day for water will make a big difference.
2. Get out of the house
Go out for a walk, take a hike, jog along the beach, take the dog to the park, join a gym, go to a yoga class, learn to surf; the list is endless. There is so much that you can do and if you’re out having fun and being active that is a very healthy thing.
3. Turn off the TV
Many people have a habit of turning on the TV and plopping down on the couch as soon as they get home. That’s okay once in a while, but just think of all the other things you could be doing. Of course there always chores to do but you don’t want to do that… how about reading a book, painting a picture using a You Tube tutorial, play a board game, call a friend, work on that book you’ve been writing for years, or work on your hobby that you never have time for. This is another endless list because there is so much you could do instead of watching someone on TV do it.
4. Buy Fruits and Veggies
You’re gonna eat what you buy so if you’re buying cookies and ice cream then that’s probably what you’re going to eat. If you buy apples and peaches, then that’s probably what you’re going to eat. Buy frozen fruits and veggies as well so that way you’ll have some on hand just in case the fresh ones good bad. Find a way to add fruits and veggies to each meal. Mix in bell peppers with your pasta or add peaches to your cereal.
5. Relax
Take some time for yourself each day to just relax. Think about what you want out of life and get in touch with how you feel. Then let it go. Don’t spend all day worrying about something you probably have limited control over. Allow yourself some space to take a deep breath and to let your worries go. Even if it’s just a few minutes in your car before work, allow yourself that time to just relax and know that everything will be okay.
6. Spend time with someone you love
Being around or talking to people we love and care for makes us feel happier and more connected. If you’re fortunate enough to live nearby or with people you love, spend some quality time with them doing something fun. If you don’t live nearby, give them a call or FaceTime if you can. Also make an effort to see them even once in a while no matter how far you live. You only have so much time to spend with the people you love.
7. Cut back on processed foods
When buying foods look at the labels and if you don’t recognize the ingredients then you should think twice about eating it. Stick with foods that are what they say they are. Fresh foods are usually a good choice. When shopping a good rule of thumb is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Fruits, veggies, fresh meat, and dairy products are usually stocked along the outside aisles of the store with processed foods like chips, boxed meals, and TV dinners being shelved in the middle.


Author: Your Happy Life

I live in beautiful San Diego, CA and I do my best to love everyday as much as I can!

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