5 Ways to Feel like You Have More Time

Sunset ocean picture with sun rays coming through the clouds. The words, "Time is the most valuable thing we have. Spend it wisely"

Do you feel like you just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done? We are all given the same amount of time each day and it’s up to us how we use it. Even though these tips won’t actually give you more hours each day, they will make you feel like you have more time each day.


1. Wake up earlier
By getting up earlier in the morning your actually giving yourself more daylight which makes your day feel longer. Plus, you’ll have more time to get ready for work, enjoy your morning coffee and you might even have time to get in a workout. Yes, you may have to go to bed a little earlier but you will feel like you have so much time during the day and you’ll probably end up getting more done.


2. Spend less time watching TV
It’s amazing how much time the average person spends watching TV. Even spending just one hour in front of the TV is an hour you could use on something else. Sure, watching an episode of a show you enjoy can be time well spent, but spending all your time in front of the TV channel surfing and watching reruns usually is not time well spent.


3. Put your phone away
Disconnecting from all your social media and constant notifications can not only be good for you but it can also make you feel like you have more time. People can spend hours each day looking at social media feeds, playing games, watching videos and more on their phones and computers. If you put your phone away, what else would you have time for? Instead of spending twenty minutes scrolling on Facebook, spend twenty minutes getting something done that you need to do like cleaning out that closet or maybe get in a quick workout?


4. Make a schedule
Scheduling your time is a good way to maximize your day and use the time you have as best you can. If you have things planned out you’ll spend less time doing unimportant things and more time to do things that you actually need and want to do. If you have a lot to do make a schedule with what times you’ll be doing each activity. Write in what you’ll do doing every hour, even include fun stuff like watching a movie or going out with friends. After you write it you’ll see how much extra time you actually have and sometimes it’s a lot more than you thought. Just remember to stick to it.


5. Do things while you wait
People spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting is a passive action so what else can you do while you wait? If you’re at home waiting for someone you can clean up a little or work on a project. If your waiting in line at the DMV, instead of just sitting there being angry at how long it’s taking, find something productive that you can do or plan ahead and bring your homework or a book. We all have to wait sometimes but it’s up to us how we handle it.


“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.”     

-Lao Tzu


Author: Your Happy Life

I live in beautiful San Diego, CA and I do my best to love everyday as much as I can!

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