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10 Ways To Stop Being So Lazy

We all have lazy days, but too many lazy days can turn into lazy weeks, months, or even years. Being lazy feels nice most times, but after a while you can start to feel bad about it because you’re not accomplishing anything. Especially if you have a lot of stuff that you need to get done, being lazy can be a very bad thing.

If you continue to put things off it can cause stress and anxiety. Plus, if there is something really important that you need to do and you don’t do it, well that can have it’s own consequences. Lazy days are okay but being a lazy all the time is not.

Sometimes you just have to get up and find some ways to get motivated. Here are some tips that can help you to stop being so lazy.


1. Open a window
Natural light can energize you. Think about it, when it’s cloudy and rainy outside people tend to say how tired they are verses when it’s a beautiful day people are more likely to get up and do something.

When you’re feeling lazy, open up a window or even better yet, go outside. The sunlight and the fresh air will energize you.


2. Exercise
Get up and move and it will get your blood flowing! Just a little bit is all you need really. If you overdo it, you will experience the opposite effect and become even more lazy, but with the right amount of exercise you can pump yourself up!

Do 20 – 30 minutes of medium intensity exercise. Do some yoga, go on a hike, swim, go for a run, take a walk, etc. The idea is to get your blood flowing without overdoing it and using all your energy. Regular exercise will increase your energy levels and help you to feel less lazy.


3. Find your reason why
When you’re sitting there not wanting to do something, give yourself a reason why you should do it. Sure, no one wants to clean the house but if you don’t then the kids end up getting hurt you have a reason. Or sure you don’t want to go to work, but you want to make sure your family is taken care of.

When you take a moment and figure out why your doing what you’re doing it will give you a reason to do it and that can be motivation enough sometimes.


4. Smoke sativa
If you live in a state or country where recreational or medical marijuana is legalized, try smoking some sativa. Sativa is a type of marijuana that energizes your mind and can help to motivate you. Different strands have different effects so find which one works for you. Some can help you to focus more while others can help you to want to get up and clean the house.


5. Get enough rest
It’s true, getting enough sleep is key to having energy to get you through your day which will in turn make you feel less lazy. Get a good nights sleep so you will wake up with energy. Otherwise you’ll wake up tired, hit the snooze button and feel lazy all day because you have no energy. Aim for 8 hours a night.


6. Eat right
You are what you eat and if you eat heavy foods you will feel heavy and sluggish. Think about how you feel after eating a burger and fries verses how you feel after eating a filling grilled chicken salad. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals gives us energy and makes us feel good. Eating foods loaded with sugar, fat and carbs makes us tired because it’s hard to digest. Make sure to choose foods that won’t make you lazy.


7. Get excited
Imagine a world where everyday you woke up excited for the day. Where each day you didn’t want to hit the snooze button because you didn’t want to miss out on something great. It’s possible. You can live a life that makes you excited and less lazy. How can you be lazy when there is so much to be excited about?


8. Just do it
Sometimes thinking about things is worst than actually doing them. We think something is going to be so hard and then when we finally just do it we are surprised at how easy it actually was. Instead of causing yourself anxiety and feeling lazy for procrastinating, just do it.


9. Invite a friend
Friends can hold you accountable and if you have a friend go along with you it’s harder to be lazy. If you are supposed to go to the gym and you don’t feel like going chances are your friend is going to encourage you to go. It’s harder to skip out if a friend is going to be there.

Invite a friend along for an activity you don’t really love or something you need to do and it will make it more fun and you’re much more likely to actually do it.


10. Realize life isn’t lived on the couch
As nice as it is to sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day, that’s not living. You’ve got to get out there and explore the world. There is so much to experience. Watching things on TV or seeing them through a computer screen is not nearly the same as being there. Get off the couch and do some of the things you’ve been watching other people do.


7 Reasons Why You Should Be Nice to Your Siblings as Adults

With the holidays upon us, many of us will have to gather with family, which means having to put up with siblings who we have nothing in common with other than parents. It might seem like the best idea is to just ignore them and let them do their own thing while you do yours, especially if there is a good chance you’ll end up fighting.


It’s great if you get along with your siblings, but many siblings don’t get along. Maybe you had a fight years back or someone did something horrible to the other. Sibling rivalry is common as well. There are lots of reasons why you don’t get along but there are also many reason why you should try to get along and be nice to one another.


The truth is you should be grateful for you sibling. Many people would love to have a sibling. Especially as you get older and lose touch with friends and relatives pass away, it’s really nice to have someone who’s been there with you. It’s even better if you get along and are nice to each other.


By no means should you to get taken advantage of or be put in an uncomfortable position. Not all sibling relationships are healthy and not all are worth saving. Give it a try but remember, it’s a two way street. As long as you’re the one making an effort then you know you tried. And sometimes you maybe can try just a little bit harder and it might make a big difference.


Here are 7 reasons why you should  be nice to your siblings and try to get along with them.


1. Your siblings have been there since the beginning
Depending on your ages, your siblings have been there with you since the beginning. They know things about you and you’re family that no one else does and maybe ever will.


2. You probably have more in common than you think
It might seem like you’re complete opposites, but I bet you like a lot of the same things. One might like chocolate while the other likes vanilla, but you’re probably getting the same brand of ice cream. Things that you grew up with will seem familiar and may bring comfort so you might notice you and your siblings do a lot of similar things and buy a lot of similar products.


3. You only have so many siblings
Some people have 10 siblings while some only have 1. No matter how many you have each one is special and unique and you only get the ones that you have. Chances are your parents are going to stop having kids at some point (hopefully anyway) and that’s all the siblings you get. Be grateful for the siblings you have.


4. You love each other
Yes you do, deep down. Everyone has love for their siblings no matter how much they fight and hate each other. They are still your blood. You’ve known them most of your life. You have memories with them. You might not always like them but you can still love them.


5. They will still be there when your friends aren’t
This isn’t always true but over the years friendships can tend to fade but you are kinda forced to see your family. When there’s a wedding or a funeral you see them. You kinda have to invite them to certain events. You might make a point to call them and check on them more so than you would a friend. Your friends may come and go but your family will always be your family.


6. When times get tough you need each other
Things will get hard. Your parents will pass away. Someone in the family will get sick. Things that suck will happen and you will need each other when they do.


7. You could be great friends
Now that you’re older you might actually get along better than as kids. As you get older you realize what’s really important and have probably chilled out a little bit so there won’t be as much fighting. Also adults can talk about their problems. Give your sibling a chance, you might end up with one of your best friends.

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7 Steps to Get What You Want

We all want something and sometimes we all have a little bit of trouble getting it. There are steps you can take and things you can do to help you get what you want and achieve your goals.


Everything we want is different and the techniques to getting it can vary. Wanting a cup of coffee verses a relationship are two completely different things, however the idea behind getting them is the same.

These 7 steps will help you get what you want more often.


1. Know what you want
The very first thing and possibly the most important thing you have to do is know what it is you want. If you don’t know what it is you want, how are you going to get it?

Figuring out what you want can be a challenge sometimes. There are activities like vision boards or even just making a list can help. Here is a quiz, “Quiz: What Do You Really Want Out of Life?” and an article, “How To Figure Out What You Really Want Out of Life”, that can help you as well.

Once you know what you want, you’re able to get a clear picture in your head and you’re more likely to get it. Picture the future you want in your mind and feel how it would feel to have those things. The more clear you are the more likely you to actually get what you want.

For example: If you want some coffee and go to Starbucks and order a coffee, you’re going to get plain black coffee. If that’s what you want great, but there are macchiatos, latte’s, frappuccinos, flavorings, teas, food and so much more.

If you go into life and say, “I want a good life” that’s like going into Starbucks and saying “I want a cup of coffee.” Your going to get some good coffee, and you might even have a little room for cream and sugar, but why do that when you could order a Venti Caramel Frappuccino with soy milk and extra whip cream, for just a few extra dollars? Why settle for a good life when you could have a great one with just a little extra effort.


2. Make a plan
When you have a plan to achieve your goals, you are more likely to stick with it and actually achieve them. A plan will give a road map on what to do and where to go. If something doesn’t go right you can always just take a step back or make a change and still be on track with your goal. If you just jump in there without a plan you might not be expecting all the challenges on your path and your more likely to fail and end up right back where you started.

Making a plan also helps you to see how achievable your goals are. Some goals are really easy to achieve, while others are much bigger. Some goals may just seem really big but then when you break it down you realize that they are easily achievable.

Let’s say you want to save $10,000. That can seem like a lot of money, especially if you’re not making much or it all goes to bills. If you break it down into something achievable like, plan to save $100 each week from your paycheck so in two years you will have saved $10,000. That sounds way more achievable and actually doable.

Take a moment to think of a few different ways that you could get what you want and achieve your goal. Visualize it in your mind. Think through multiple scenarios that could be a possibility. What feels the best? What seems to be the way that you really like and is the most beneficial?


Once you’ve thought it through write it down. Writing it down helps you to remember and holds you accountable as well. You can be as detailed or creative as you want, whatever feels best for you. Just make sure you have a clear plan that feels like a good plan that could get you where you want to go.


3. Prepare yourself
Take some time to prepare yourself so that when an opportunity comes up you can take it. You need to be ready when the time comes because if you aren’t you might miss out on what you’ve been wanting.


Just think of how much it would suck if you really wanted to go to Italy you’re whole life and your friend wins tickets to go and invites you, but you don’t have your passport. There’s a good chance your going to miss out on a free trip since you weren’t prepared.


If you want a promotion at work start learning the job from the person who is currently in that job. That way, when the time comes for you to get promoted, you’ll be ahead of the game since you already have some skills.


If you want to have a baby, start reading articles on parenting, offer to babysit for your friends who have kids to see how it really it and make sure your significant other is on board.


Do whatever you can to start getting ready for what you want in your future. Even a small step can make a difference. Many skills require regular practice so it wouldn’t hurt to get started.


Before you know it you’ll no longer be preparing, you’ll be doing.


4. Seek it out
You can’t just sit around your house all day and expect all your goals to just happen. Things don’t just come to you, you have to go out and get them!

If you want coffee it’s not just going to make itself or go buy itself, you gotta make some effort.

If you’re looking for a job you have to put in applications and send out resumes in order for employers to know that you’re even interested. How else would they know that you want a job?

If you want a relationship, you need to make a little effort by going on dates and trying to meet new people. Sure you could just randomly meet someone in your day to day life, but you will greatly increase your chances if you make some effort.

Seeking out what you want makes a huge difference sometimes or even all the difference. Even in today’s world where we can get almost anything delievered to us, you still have to make that intial effort and order what you want. You have to go to the website and search for what you want delievered. You have to seek it out.


5. Take action
When an opportunity comes up take it. You only get so many opportunies for certain things. You only have so long to apologize to someone before they feel it’s too late and they no longer care about it. You might get asked out by that okay looking but really sweet co-worker a few times, but one day he’s going to stop asking and you might be disapointed.

Recognize when you have an opportunity and take it. Every day is a new opportunity for something. You wake up and make thousands of choices which all make your day and life turn out a certain way. What decisions you make and actions you take all have an effect on your life.

Make some effort to go out and get what you want. Tell yourself that you’re going to do what needs to be done in order for you to reach your goal. Keep trying new things until you find something that works.

Don’t wait too long to take action or you might miss out on something you want. It might feel like you have all the time in the world, but you really don’t. Every moment is a new opportunity, a new chance for a new beginning if you want. Every moment wasted though is a lost opportunity.

How many books could you have written instead of watching reruns?

What pant size would you be if you had gone to the gym instead of making excuses to stay home?

How much money would you have saved now if you had invested in your 401k at age 22?
Take action now so you don’t miss out on opportunities that will help you reach your goals.


6. Revise when necessary
Sometimes our plans don’t work out. It happens. Things happen. Sometimes you have it all worked out and things are going perfectly and then BAM, something changes everything. It could be a positive change or a negative one. Pregnancy, promotion, death of loved one, all of these things will significantly change your plans.

Don’t give up on your goals because of a life change, just change your plan. There are multiple ways to get what you want. The path you take may vary but the goal stays the same.

If something happens to throw you off your plan, just take a moment to revise it. How can you still achieve your goal with this change? Sometimes it might take longer to reach your goal or maybe it means doing it in a different city or a completely different way. Revise your plan when needed but don’t revise your goals.


7. Don’t give up
Things are going to get tough. You might think that you’ll never achieve your goal. It might feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing is working. But you know what? Never give up. Many of of the greats tried multiple times and failed multiple times before achieving their goals. If they had given up you would have no idea who they were.

Just think, you might be closer to your goal than you think and if you give up now you’ll never achieve it. Who knows, you might get a message from the man you’ll marry tomorrow. You might get a promotion next month when your boss decides to quit. Anything is possible and we can’t tell what the future holds and what is going to happen. Don’t give up until you get it.

It’s like that video game level you keep playing and you get soooooo close but you just barely miss it each time. You want to give up, but, if you keep playing and playing, each time you learn a little more about the level. You learn what doesn’t work and what does. You might get really frustrated and the game might not be any fun anymore. You might even stop playing for a while and play a different game but make sure to come back because eventually you’ll get it. If you keep trying and don’t give up you’ll get it eventually.

And once you get it, oh man is it a good feeling. You feel so accomplished. You feel grateful. You appreciate it more. You’re a little wiser because of all the things you learned while trying to accomplish your goal. And the best part is, you’ll be glad you never gave up because it will all be worth it in the end.

How To Figure Out What You Really Want Out of Life

Many people think they have it all figured out only to realize that they are actually far from it. With so many choices to make and possible paths we can take, it’s hard to know if we are making the best choices for us and actually doing what we truly want deep down.

Many times we can feel like we don’t know what we want anymore, especially if we thought we wanted something and it didn’t work out. Or it’s easy to be overwhelmed with big life choices like choosing a career or getting married.

Figuring out what you really want out of life is important for your overall well being and will make you feel more satisfied with your life and confident in your choices. Here are 7 ways to help you figure out what you really want out of life.


1. Listen to Yourself
You know yourself way better than you give yourself credit for. You’re the only one who knows how you really feel about everything. Many times we are afraid or maybe it’s not appropriate to say how you really feel, but you know it even if you don’t always want to admit it.

Deep down everyone knows what they truly want and the easiest way to help figure it out is to listen to your feelings. Do you wake up everyday and dread going to work? Do you look forward to Thursday nights because it’s family game night? Or do you get really excited when you find a new book series you love? All of these things are ways that you are telling yourself what really matters to you and what you want out of life.


2. Figure Out Your Likes and Dislikes
Figuring out what things you like and don’t like will help you to figure out what things you really want out of life. If you like something and it gives you joy, you should try to do more of that thing or things like it. On the flip side if you’re not enjoying something then maybe you should do less of that and more of things you like. Doing so will help you to feel more fulfilled and better about your life.

Take some time to reflect on things you like and don’t like. Sometimes you’ll notice a trend among similar things you like or don’t like and that can help to guide you in the direction that is best for your life. Before you know it you’ll be doing the things that really matter and are actually what you really want out of life.


3. Figure Out Your Strengths and Weaknesses
When you’re able to do things that you’re good at on a regular basis, it makes you feel more successful and happy. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and feel good about what their doing.

Think of your job for example. It feels good when you go to work and your boss tells you good job on a project that you worked really hard on and turned out really well. Verses a job that you work really hard at and nothing seems to go right, you just don’t see results and you don’t even really like it. No one wants to be bad at their job.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a career that uses them, but it can help you to find one. It can also help in life so you learn more about yourself and the best ways for you to do things.


4. Try New Things
Trying new things is the best way to figure out what you like and dislike and also what you’re strengths and weaknesses are. It’s also the best way to figure out what you want out of life. How are you going to know what you actually want if you never even tried it before?

Give things a test run. If you have wondered if you’d like a particular job, see if you can intern or get a part time job in the industry. If you’ve always wanted to adopt a dog of your own, dog sit for your friend for the weekend. It’s best to try things before you make a big investment in what you think you want. You might think you want chocolate ice cream, but after you try it you might realize you’re actually a strawberry person, and if you bought a large tub of chocolate, it might all go to waste.

Try as many new things as you can. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, you might be surprised. You never know until you try!


5. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts
What do you think about before bed at night? Who do you want to tell when something good happens? What are you excited about when you wake up in the morning?

Your thoughts tell you what you’re focusing on and many times those are things that are important to you. And it’s not always the surface thought either, sometimes you need to dig a little bit deeper. If you are thinking about work, what is it about work that you are thinking about? Are you focused on results, people, or your own development?

What do you think about throughout the day when you have time to yourself? When your mind wanders, where does it go? Pay attention to the things you think about and it can give you some insight into what you really want out of life.


6. Make a Difference
It’s amazing how good helping someone out who’s in need can make you feel. It also can help you figure out what path you should take and what you really want. Figure out what’s the easiest and most natural way for you to make a difference.

For instance, do you feel best when you’re teaching someone something? Or maybe you feel great when you drop off a box of clothes and toys to kids that don’t have much? Or maybe even the fact that you cook for all your friends and family and they all always feel welcome when they enter your home will make you feel like you are making a difference.

What kind of a difference do you make in people’s lives? What do you give that makes you and them feel great?


7. Realize Money is a Tool
Many people chase money and take jobs solely because the pay is good. Money is important and necessary, but it’s not everything. Money is just a tool. The more tools you have the easier it is to get the job done. If you don’t have the right tools or enough tools, it’s really hard to accomplish the job. People can be blinded by the pursuit of money and stop pursuing what they really want.

Sure it’s nice to have a lot of extra spending money and money saved up in the bank, but how much do you really need? How much stuff do you really need to buy? There’s only so many pairs of shoes, kitchen appliances, and places to travel. Having a lot of money is great, but it can only do so much for your life. Instead of working extremely hard at a job you hate to make a lot of money, why not take a job that pays the bills and is something that you love?

Once you realize that money isn’t everything you are free to do more things that make you happy and feel good as opposed to more things to just get money. Everyone needs money, but when you really stop and think about it, you don’t need all that much. What you really need, is the time and the means to do the things you really want to do.