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15 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

Sometimes, there is just too much going on in life. From demanding jobs to family responsibilities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Feeling this way can be dangerous because you’re likely to either shut down and not get anything done or keep going until you burn out. Instead of letting that happen, here are 15 things you can do when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


1. Breathe
It may sound simple but breathing is a technique used to calm children and adults. Just take a few deep breaths if you feel like you are starting to freak out or feel overwhelmed. Allow your body to feel the calm. Just focus on your breathing for a few moments, in with the good and out with the bad. Once you feel calmer, it will be easier to do what you need to do, or at least do some of the things on this list.


2. Take a break
When things are getting to be too much, give yourself a break. Take a few minutes to step outside or away from whatever it is that is getting to you. Do some kind of rejuvenating activity like scream really loud, call a friend, cry it out, or just close your eyes and sit in quietness for a few minutes. Whatever it is you need, do it so you can get back to what needs to be done.


3. Take the day off
Sometimes you just need to call into work and take a personal day. It’s okay once in a while. No boss wants to hear that their employee isn’t coming in to work, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. If you can get someone to cover your shift instead of calling out, do that instead; your boss and coworkers will appreciate it.

If it’s your home life that’s the issue, get a sitter for the kids, take the dog to the groomer and give yourself as much time as you can without worry. Even better, if you can, just take off for the day. Take a day trip to a nearby city and treat yourself to a delicious lunch.


4. Write a to do list
It can feel like you have a ton of stuff to do when in reality, you might not have as much to do as you think. Make a list of all the things you need to do. Sometimes you might have a lot less to get done than you realized.


5. Make a budget
Money is a huge source of stress for many people and it can feel overwhelming. Make a budget to figure out If your spending is more than your income or if you are breaking even. If so then it’s probably a good time to think about cutting expenses, making more money, or both. If you have your finances under control that’s one less thing you have to worry about.


6. Organize your home and car
Doesn’t it frustrate you when your looking for your car keys and you can’t find them anywhere? Or when you are looking for your favorite pair of shoes but you can’t remember where you left them? Get organized. Make designated places for your shoes, keys, mail and other important things. Make a point to throw dirty clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor. Taking just a few minutes each day to straighten up your home can make a big difference in how you feel.


7. Spend some time alone
Find a quiet spot, ideally somewhere in nature and just be with yourself. Take in the natural beauty of the world, breathe in the fresh air, and just appreciate all the goodness there is in the world. Clearing your mind and being alone can make you feel refreshed.


8. Ask for help
It’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Or even if you don’t think you need it, still ask anyway once in a while. There are many people out there who are willing to help you but they might not know that you need some help. You have to ask for what you need. Sometimes a little bit of help can make a big difference.


9. Pray
Sometimes you just need the support of a higher power. Whatever that power may be for you, take some time to pray. Ask for help, blessings, guidance, whatever you need. Many people like to talk out loud while others like to keep it silent. Do whatever works for you.


10. Yoga
The goal of a yoga class is for you to leave feeling better and more connected to yourself. Take a class or do a you tube video that leaves room for meditation at the end. Take notice of how you feel before yoga and how you feel after yoga. Ideally you’ll feel more balanced, confident, strong, refreshed and/or inspired. Even if you only feel one of those emotions that’s better than none.


11. Talk to a counselor or therapist
There’s no shame in talking to someone about your issues. In fact, it’s actually pretty common for people to talk to therapist on a regular basis. If you can, make an appointment to talk to one. If that’s not an option, many employee assistance programs or health insurances also allow you over the phone counselling for a set amount of sessions.


12. Disconnect
With so much information coming at us all the time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With the TV, text messages, Facebook updates, game invites, emails, phone calls, and constant notifications it can just be too much sometimes. It’s actually healthy to put the phone down, turn off the TV and do something different. Maybe read a book, color in a coloring book, paint, or just clean your room. Not having the constant ping of your phone for a few hours can allow your mind a much needed break from the information overload.


13. Have some fun
When was the last time you laughed so hard that you thought you were gonna pee on yourself? It’s probably been a while so go out and have some fun! Do something you love to do or try something new. And if you bring some good friends or family along with you, even better!


14. Make a change
If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed maybe it’s time you make a change. Be it a career change, new home, cutting back on activities, adding new activities or maybe even change in spouse; sometimes a change is exactly what you need to help you stop feeling overwhelemed.


15. Find a solution
Ask yourself, why are you feeling overwhelmed? Get to the root issue and try to fix it. Some fixes are really simple and can eliminate a lot of stress. Other problems might not be so easy to solve, but you can usually find a solution that will at least make things better. Try to ideally solve or at least make the problem better. Even a slight improvement or striving for improvement is better than doing nothing.

Tips For an Easier In State Move

Moving can be one heck of a process and cause a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety. If you are moving to a new apartment, house, or getting your own place for the first time, here are some tips to help you have an easy move.


1. Start looking early
It might seem premature but you should start looking probably around 4 or 5 months before you actually plan to move. Yes, the pricing and availability will probably change, but you can see what places you are interested and keep them on your radar. It’s even nice to go an check them out so you can see which places you don’t like and won’t work and which ones might. Save a list in a word document or a notebook you won’t lose. Then when it gets closer to move time you will already have 3 or 4 places that you know you like.


2. Hire movers
The best thing I ever did when it came to moving was hire movers. It makes the process 1000x easier. Yes, they can be costly, but typically for 1 bedroom apartment I’ve paid around $300. It’s so worth it because they bring all the equipment for easy loading, they will take apart and rebuild your furniture, bring wardrobe boxes and they are professional so they know how to get big pieces of furniture into tight spaces or doorways. No more ruining your furniture over a door that’s too small!
You can hire movers that will bring their own truck and drive your stuff to your new place for you. The other option is to rent the truck yourself and just hire movers to load and unload the truck. I prefer the former, it’s so much easier not having to worry about driving the big moving truck. If you do hire movers just to load and unload, consider hiring your some friends or some college kids. They will usually work for cheap, sometimes they will even work for pizza and beer!
When hiring movers definitely do your research, especially if they will be bringing their own truck. Find a one with high reviews, straight forward pricing structure, insured, certified and responds quickly when you make an inquiry. Some places charge by the hours and some charge a “double drive time” which can be misleading if you don’t have it explained to you properly. Make sure to ask lots of questions so you don’t even up with hidden fees and charges.


3. Buy more supplies than you think you’ll need
If you only think you need 10 boxes, buy 15. If you think you only need 2 rolls of tape, buy 3. If you have leftover supplies great, you can save it for the next move. I’ve had to run back out to the store multiple times for supplies only to find that there are no more boxes left because I’m moving at the end of the month like everyone else.


4. Start packing sooner rather than later
Many people put off packing until the last minute and they are scrambling on moving day to pack everything. There is always something that you forgot to pack… an closet you rarely use, dishes in the very back of the cupboard, or maybe bottom cabinet of the bathroom. Start early with the stuff you rarely use. Then as you get closer pack things as you no longer need them. Pack clothes you won’t be wearing, all the books your not gonna read anytime soon, etc. There is always more to pack than you realize so get a head start.


5. Get rid of stuff you don’t need
While packing, make sure to get rid of anything you haven’t used since your last move or within the last year. All that stuff is just taking up space and making you carry more stuff to your new place. Not only is it nice to start fresh when you get to a new place and not have a ton of clutter, but save yourself the time and hassle of packing and unpacking all that stuff you don’t really want or use. Donate it, sell it or throw it away. Your choice will probably depend on the item but either way, you’ll be making more space in your life.


Tips For an Easier Out of State Move

Moving out of state takes a lot of planning and the sooner you start the better. There are a lot of things to consider and there can be a lot of travel and money involved. Here are some tips on how to have an easier out of state move.


1. Save money
One of the things you are going to need a lot of is money. You will most likely have to travel to your new state before moving there. It’s best to have a job and a place to live lined up before moving. To do so this you’ll need to go see the residence and go to job interviews which is much easier to do if you’re actually in the state. Even if you are comfortable renting an apartment online or can do your job interview over the phone, it’s still good to make sure you like the area and make sure that everything is legit.

If you want to move your belongings across states then that will cost probably a couple thousand dollars. If you are driving or flying there are travel expenses for yourself as well. There are cleaning expenses for your old apartment. There will be deposits and move in fees at your new place.

Wait, there’s more.

Depending on what state you move to you may have to register your car or get a drivers license within a certain amount of time or pay fees. (In the state of California it’s 10 days to register your car..) Go to the DMV website and see what the state requirements are.
Plus if you are switching jobs or won’t be working for a couple of weeks will you have income coming in?

The point is. Save lots of money. You will be glad you did.


2. Look up information about the area
Especially in big cities, look up information about the part of the city you are considering moving to. Safety, good schools, near scenic views, close to your new job, and anything else that is important to you. Check out this website and search for the city you are moving to. You will find lots of information about the city. Also check out the forums to get information from people who actually live in the city.


3. Talk to the locals
When visiting make sure to talk to the locals and let them know you are moving to the city. Friendly locals will usually give you a few tips and tell you what areas are nice and which one to avoid. They will tell you what areas are overpriced, fun free stuff to do, and where to get the best tacos.


4. Research apartments and home
Go to one of the many online rental sites and search for apartments and homes in the city you want to move to. This will help you to narrow it down to a few good choices.
After looking online give them a call. Sometimes websites haven’t been updated so actually talking to the rental office is a better way to get an accurate idea of what is available. Ask them about pricing, availability, pet policy, and deposits as those things can vary. Let them know you live out of state and see how they react. Some apartments are more than happy to let you do an online application but others are more wary and prefer for you to go by in person.

Be careful before doing any online applications without actually seeing the place. I recommend going and doing at least one viewing before applying. This ensures your safety and also makes sure that you like the place and don’t feel scammed when you move in and it doesn’t look like the picture or isn’t there at all.


5. Get a job
It’s so nice to have a job lined up when you move. Unless you have a lot of money saved up it can be really stressful not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from and when it’s coming. If you can, transfer with your current company so that way you’ll have something when you get there and it’s basically the same job you have now just in a different place.

If that’s not an option, start applying for jobs online a few months before moving. Be honest and let them know you when you are moving on your application by putting your start date as your move date. If you get any responses try to set up a phone interview. If that’s not an option and the is job worth it, be prepared to travel for an interview. The closer you are to your move date the more aggressive you should get. A lot of people won’t hire you if you can’t start working for two months, but if you can start in two weeks, that’s usually reasonable.


6. Stay with a friend or family member
One of the best ways to move to a new city is to stay with a friend or family member for a little while. If this is an option for you it can make your move much easier. Maybe you put your stuff in storage while you move in with your friend and have some extra time to find a nice place and the right job. Or maybe you just go and stay with family for a week while you interview for jobs and check out apartments. It will save you money from traveling back and forth and on hotel cost. Plus it’s always nice to know someone who lives in the city you are moving to.


7. Research moving options
You’ve got to get your stuff across state lines some how. Depending on how much stuff you have, you might want to hire movers or maybe you prefer something else? There are multiple options.


If you have a lot of furniture and items that you need to move then you might want to invest in hiring movers. You can have movers drive your truck across state lines or you can rent a truck and do it yourself. Hiring movers can cost thousands of dollars depending on how far you are going. Renting a truck also won’t be cheap since you will be paying by the mile and you’ll have to pay for the gas as well.


If you are willing to part with a lot of your stuff and start fresh, then maybe packing up your car and driving there is the right option for you. You can sell your furniture or donate it. Only take things that you need and that are important to you. This is a good option for someone who is just starting in life or starting over. It’s a very freeing experience to start completely over in a new place, but keep in mind the money you save on moving cost you’ll probably use to buy furniture.

Another option is to ship your stuff to yourself. This is a good option if you have a lot of small items that you want to keep but don’t really have room for. It’s fairly cost effective but the cost can vary on the weight and size of the box so be aware of how much you’re packing. Also you’ll want to make sure you spend a little extra on nice boxes since they will get roughed up a bit during shipping.

7 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Everyone feels lonely sometimes. Feeling lonely doesn’t always have anything to do with actually being around people, it has more to do with feeling heard and connected with. Even if you’re surrounded by people you can still feel lonely. Here are 7 things you can do when you are feeling lonely.


1. Call a good friend
One of the easiest ways to fight loneliness is to call a good friend. Even better if you can call your best friend or someone you have a genuine connection with. It will make you feel better almost instantly in many cases. Even if they live miles away talking on the phone can also give you the same benefits, but ideally if they live close by get together and have a fun time.


2. Go out and meet new people
There are billions of people in the world and the funny thing is many of them feel just as lonely as you do. Seek out new friends. Go to the gym and strike up a conversation with someone. When that weird lady in the grocery line talks to you, talk back to her. Actually say hi to your neighbor the next time you see them. You can be surprised at some of the interesting people you meet, things you learn, and you might even make a new friend.


3. Join a group or club
One of the best things about joining a group or club is that you get to see the same people every week or month so it’s easier to make actual connections with people. Plus you already have a common interest in something so if you do decide to hang out you’ll have something to talk about. At the very least you’ll have people to talk to when you come to the group each week.


4. Take a class
This is similar to joining a group or club except classes or usually shorter term and have more people. If you’re in school if you have someone in more than one class that’s an easy way to start up a conversation with them. If you’re just taking a class for fun don’t be afraid to exchange numbers with people when the class ends to stay in touch or when it begins to help each other with class work or projects.


5. Write in your journal
Writing about how you feel and why you feel lonely can give you some insight on what you actually need in your life. Sometimes we aren’t even really lonely, there’s a deeper issue and we just think we are lonely. Writing in your journal allows you to do some self discovery and figure out what’s really wrong. Feel free to take this quiz, Why are you really feeling sad?, to help you figure it out if you’re really lonely if it’s really something else.


6. Talk to God or the Universe or someone who’s passed away
Sometimes the only person you want to talk to isn’t someone who can talk back, but that doesn’t have to stop you from talking to them. People do it all the time and it’s actually therapeutic. Find a private place and talk out loud. Talk about whatever you want to whoever you want. Tell them how you feel, maybe even ask for help. Remember it never hurts to ask for help, especially from a higher power or someone you love.


7. Get lost in a good book
Reading a good book and take your mind somewhere else and let you get lost in someone else’s story instead of focusing so much on yourself. Depending on the book, it might even give you some perceptive about life that you hadn’t really thought of and make you feel a little bit better about your own life. Find a book that you don’t want to put down and enjoy it.


The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much to THE WANDERING ITINERANT for nominating me for a blogging award!!!! Check out her awesome blog full of inspirational post, well put together travel itineraries and gorgeous pictures. Definitely a blog to follow!

I really am enjoying writing this blog. I hope you all are enjoying reading it and that it adds some happiness to your life. It definitely adds happiness to my life!


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7 Facts about me…

  1. I moved to San Diego one year ago with my dog, Ruby
  2. I am believer that anything is possible
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  4. I am in the process of learning to speak Spanish
  5. I love the color purple
  6. I have taken personality quizzes since I was a kid. I’ve always thought they were fun.
  7. I learn something new everyday


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I enjoy reading the post from all of these amazing bloggers! Check them out, they are definitely worth it!

How to Get Through a Quarter Life Crisis

Around the ages of 25-35 most young people will feel like life isn’t quite turning out the way they expected and start to freak out. This is called a quarter life crisis. It looks different for everyone. You could feel stuck in your career, relationship, or just life in general. Usually many people feel that they need to make a big change in their lives. Whatever it is for you, here are a few steps to help you get through your quarter life crisis.


1. Go easy on yourself
The first step is to realize that pretty much everyone goes though some kind of life crisis at some point. Nothing is wrong with you, it’s just life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned or expected. And to be honest, that’s not always such a bad thing. Sometimes we think we want something and when we get it and we realize that we didn’t really want it after all.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Think of all that you have achieved over the years. I’m sure there are plenty of things for you to be proud of.


2. Make a list
Take a few hours and write out a pro and con list of what you like and don’t like about your life. See if there is a common theme to the items you don’t like. This can help you identify what kind of change can help you improve your life. If a lot of your cons revolve around your job or health then maybe it’s time for a change there?

Look at the pros too. What is working in your life? Be grateful for what you have and proud of yourself for achieving those things. This can also help you to realize what your strengths are what you should probably focus on more often.


3. Write down your goals
Now that you’ve looked at the pros and cons of your life, write down some goals that you want to achieve. No matter how big your goal is write it down. Honestly, you still can achieve your goals. It may take some hard work and dedication but if you really want something it’s definitely possible.

Find one or two goals that really make your heart happy. See if achieving one of these goals would change your life for the better and re-energize you. Now look at the pro and cons list. Which goal seems like it will eliminate the most cons? This is probably something you need to do.


4. Get off Facebook
Facebook and social media has a way of making all your friend’s lives seem great. It seems like everyone is getting married, promoted, moving to a new city or having babies while you are, well, doing exactly what you were doing last year. That’s okay though, all that really matters is that you are improving yourself. If you are a better person this year than you were last year then you’ve made progress. Everyone is living a different story and you don’t know what’s really going on in their world. Just because someone looks happy on social media doesn’t mean they actually are.


5. Realize your job really isn’t that bad
Yeah, it’s not the job you imagined in college but you make decent money, your coworkers are cool, and you have good benefits. Is that really worth leaving behind so you can purse the possibility of a new career?

Sometimes the answer is absolutely yes. If you’re not happy and you wake up every morning dreading your day then yes, you probably should look into a career change. Or if you get an opportunity to live your dream and pursue your dream job, take it. You spend a huge amount of your time working so you should definitely enjoy what you do.

But if you like your job and it pays well, maybe you should pursue your passions during your spare time? You can still be a writer or musician part time. After work come home and work on your passion. Spend a couple hours on the weekends practicing. You can even make some money a lot of the time. And if your income doing what you love starts to surpass your income at your job, well then it’s a no brainer to quit your job. Until then, realize that your job isn’t that bad.


6. Connect with people
Yes you feel lost, disconnected, like your not making the most of your life, but you know what? Lots of other people feel that way too. Talk to some of your friends from high school or college. You’ll realize that many of them feel the same way you do. Remember the idealistic conversations you had when you were in school? Well I bet a lot of those things you planned didn’t actually happen. That’s okay though, many of them probably still could happen and you’ll have someone to share your fears, hopes and dreams with.

Also connect with family members that are older than you because they’ve been there before. They were in your shoes once and can give you valuable advice. Plus if they know you well, they might be able to guide you in a good direction.


7. Make a change
The best way to solve a quarter life crisis is to make a change. Whatever that change is for you, find a way to make it happen. Move to a new city, get a new job, leave that relationship, finally lose the weight; whatever it is you need to make your life better, do it. Don’t let anything stop you. Make sure this change is something doable so you stick with it and ease into it so it will be more likely to stick. Remember, anything is possible.